Healthy Places For Everyone

The Environmental Design Lab was founded at UW–Madison in 2012 with a mission to improve health equity in the places people call home. Led by Professor Sam Dennis, we work directly with community partners and neighborhoods through participatory planning and design. Our broader focus has been on health and the built and natural environment, which brings us to our present research on mental health and urban green spaces.

A Bus With Many Drivers

We call ourselves the EDL, and we’re a social lab. With an emphasis on collaboration, the EDL provides an inventive space for learning, design, and growth in community wellbeing. Our expertise stretches far and wide: some have a knack for nature-based creative play and equitable landscape architecture, while others have a keen interest in community mental health, climate action, or accessible communication.

Every day offers up an exciting intersection of the lab’s blooming research and outreach. Learn about the EDL’s projects, community partnersmembers, and where we’re headed.


Celebrating 10 Years of the Environmental Design Lab