Wisconsin Without Borders Award

In 2020, the Environmental Design Lab and its partners won a Wisconsin Without Borders Award for their international school garden work.

Wisconsin Without Borders is a UW-Madison alliance and award program that recognizes globally engaged interdisciplinary scholarship and fosters excellence by networking through joint learning activities.  The 2020 awards honor work that demonstrates excellence in collaboration between the university and local and global communities.

This project’s goal is to grow relationships and share best practices, ideas, and successful models related to garden-based education between school garden partners and networks in Wisconsin and Chiapas, México. Project partners disseminated multiple forms of local garden-based education knowledge across borders, regions, and languages including the free garden-based learning book, La enseñanza en el aula de la naturalezawhich is available to teachers and community educators around the world. This partnership has also resulted in a project to translate this book into the Bachajón and Tenejapa variants of Tseltal, a Mayan language spoken in Chiapas. This exchange of ideas and practices among international partners increases access to successful local models and professional development resources. Partners in this collaboration will continue to engage in exchanges and knowledge-sharing through their programs and networks including LabVida, the Chiapas School Garden Network, Wisconsin School Garden NetworkSchool Garden Support Organization Network, and Red Internacional de Heurtos Escolares.

Wisconsin Without Borders is a partnership between the Morgridge Center for Public Service, the Global Health Institute and The International Division.

For more information, contact the Environmental Design Lab.